The CrashSavers Team is dedicated to teaching first responders how to stop bleeding in order to prevent deaths from hemorrhagic injuries. Our educational material is associated with both digital and physical simulation to teach learners how to apply pressure, packing, tourniquets, and balloon compression to stop bleeding in the field so that patients are stabilized for transfer to definitive care. We look forward to sharing our work with everyone!

CrashSavers Team 2022

CrashSavers Team Members[edit | edit source]

Name Country Role Institution
Sabrina Asturias, MD, MSc Guatemala Team leader Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Favio Reyna, BS, IB, BSc, MD Guatemala VR app and Simulator leader Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Sara Contreras, MD, MSc Guatemala Coordinator Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Gabriel Escalona, MD, MCh Chile VR app and Simulator leader Hospital Sótero del Río
Analia Zinco, MD, MCh Chile Leader of didactic content. Hospital Sótero del Río. Chile
Pablo R. Ottolino, L. MASVC, MSPT, FACS Chile Educational and didactic content support Hospital Dr. Sótero del Río
Dr. Jose Carlos Monzón, MD, MSc Guatemala Study Coordinator Universidad Rafael Landívar
Nakul Raykar, MD, MPH USA Methodologic research and writing support Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston
Rashi Jhunjhunwala, MD, MA USA Methodologic research and writing support Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Isabella Faria, MD Brazil Educational and didactic content support, Appropedia Harvard Program of Global Surgery and Social Change
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