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In this module, learners will find all resources needed to install and learn to use the CrashSavers VR application, as well as to construct, connect, and use the DIY Simulators for hemorrhage control.

About the App & Simulators[edit | edit source]

The primary objective of our VR app and DIY simulators is to equip providers with skills to improve hemorrhage control in low-income countries. Our simulation models have been designed to be low-cost, DIY devices that complement the hemorrhage control training learners receive in the CrashSavers VR app. The VR app has been developed to contain a library of educational materials and interactive clinical case scenarios that will guide the learner through the correct management of bleeding patients. In clinical case scenarios where a hemorrhage control technique is indicated, the learner will have the opportunity to use the DIY Simulator as an adjunctive learning tool to obtain realistic experience in practicing and applying different hemorrhage control skills.

Here is a link to a video demonstrating how to use the App.[edit | edit source]

VR App Installation[edit | edit source]

The VR smartphone application is available for free download for any Android or Apple device.

  • Android device: Visit the Google Play Store and search “CrashSaversVR”. Download the app and register with your name and email.
  • Apple device: Visit the App Store and search “CrashSaversVR”. Download the app and register with your name and email.
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