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In this phase, the learner will find all resources needed to install and learn to use the CrashSavers VR app as well as how to build, connect, and use the DIY Tourniquet Simulator.

About the App and Simulator[edit | edit source]

This simulator has been created as a DIY low-cost device that complements tourniquet application training in the CrashSavers VR application. The objective of this simulator and VR application is to improve hemorrhage control in low-income countries.

To achieve this objective, the VR application has been developed to contain a library of learning materials and interactive clinical case scenarios that will guide the user in the correct management of bleeding patients. In the clinical cases where a lower extremity tourniquet is indicated, the user will have the opportunity to complement their VR training with our DIY simulator device as a learning tool to obtain a realistic experience to learn correct tourniquet application.

We present instructions to build a lower extremity simulator that will simulate a scenario that requires correct tourniquet application to stop bleeding. After task completion, this information will be sent to the VR application so the user can continue through the clinical case scenarios.

Application Installation Instructions[edit | edit source]

The app is ready to download for any Android or iPhone smart device.

For an Android Device:

Visit the Google Play Store using an android device. Register using your name and email and start training!

For an Apple Device:

Search "CrashSaversVR" in the App Store and download the App. Register using your name and email and start training!

For more information about installation, usage tutorials, and prototyping and iteration, please visit this page:

Simple Simulator Building Instructions[edit | edit source]

This version is easier, quicker, and cheaper to build. It is not directly connected to the app, but there is a data collection checklist included in the app that assesses the user's ability to correctly apply and utilize a tourniquet.

Simple Simulator Building Manual[edit | edit source]

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:04 - ¿How to build the mechanism?
  • 00:07 - PVC Cuts
  • 01:29 - Mechanism building
  • 03:16 - Fluid System

The following instructions guide the learner to build our simple, fast, and cheap lower extremity simulator for correct tourniquet application. After completion of the skill, the user can continue through the clinical case scenarios in the CrashSavers VR App and evaluate their performance.

Click to access the building manual. In this document, the learner will find all materials, pricing, online providers, and step-by-step instructions for building the simulator. Also, the manual includes recommendations.

For more information about simulator prototyping and iteration, building the advanced model, building tutorials, costs, and reproducibility please visit this page: