The CrashSavers VR app is an educational gamification app that first responders to trauma can learn indications and skills for hemorrhage control techniques. By connecting the app to the physical DIY Simulators, learners can practice their technical skills. The VR app has 4 clinical case scenarios that will be scored based on the quality and speed of the learner’s responses. Only learners with the highest scores will be permitted to continue with skills practice on the simulator.

Prototyping and Iterations[edit | edit source]

The CrashSavers VR app was developed using lean methodology. A total of 54 models underwent alpha testing, after which the development team finalized an application with clear animations and a secure connection to the physical simulator models. Clinical case scenarios were created by trauma surgeons and paramedics to ensure realistic and accurate circumstances.

Installation instructions[edit | edit source]

The VR smartphone application is available for free download for any Android or Apple device.

  • Android device: Visit the Google Play Store and search “CrashSaversVR”. Download the app and register with your name and email.
  • Apple device: Visit the App Store and search “CrashSaversVR”. Download the app and register with your name and email.

How to Use the VR App[edit | edit source]

Introduction to the VR world

Navigating the VR app

Navigating within VR mode

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