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Medical course data
24 weeks
AED Application
Airway Management
Airway Opening with Head Tilt and Chin Lift
Airway Opening with Jaw Thrust
Airway Patency Assessment
Alertness Assessment (AVPU)
Alertness and Orientation Assessment (A&O)
Baby Swaddling
Back Assessment in Trauma
Bag Valve Mask Ventilation
Blood Pressure Auscultation
Blood Pressure Palpation
Brachial Pulse Palpation
Capillary Refill Assessment
Carotid Pulse Palpation
Cervical Collar Sizing and Placement
Child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Circulatory Motor Sensory Testing (CMS)
Donning and doffing sterile gloves
Dorsal Pedal Pulse Palpation
Double Gloving
Femoral Pulse Palpation
Flexible Catheter Suction
Gestión de las vías respiratorias
Glasgow Coma Scale Assessment
Head Delivery
Head to Toe Assessment
Hemorrhage Control in Childbirth
IV Troubleshooting
Improvised Wound Packing Simulator
Infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Leg Fracture Manual Stabilization
Lung Sound Auscultation
Medical Patient Assessment for Altered Mental Status (AEIOUTIPS)
Medical Patient Assessment for Chest Pain (OPQRST)
Medical Patient Assessment for Respiratory Distress (PASTE)
N95 FFR (Filtering Facepiece Respirator) Use
Nasal Cannula O2 Administration
Nasopharyngeal Airway Placement
Non-Rebreather Mask O2 Administration
O2 Tank Assembly and Disassembly
Oropharyngeal Airway Placement
Patient Movement Using Log Roll
Patient Repositioning on a Longboard
Placenta Management
Pocket Mask Ventilation
Posterior Tibial Pulse Palpation
Pressure Dressing Application
Pulse Points and Palpation
Pupil Evaluation
Radial Pulse Palpation
Respiratory Rate Assessment
Rigid Catheter Suction
SAMPLE Follow-up Questions
Sager Ankle Strap Positioning
Sager Foot Strap Application
Sager Ischial Strap Positioning
Sager Tension Adjustment
Securing Hands for an Immobilized Patient
Shock Treatment
Shoulder Delivery
Skin Sign Evaluation
SpO2 Measurement Pulse Oximetry
Stethoscope Use
Stoma Ventilation
Strap Attachment to Longboard
Strap Tightening
Tourniquet Application
Umbilical Cord Management
Uterus Massage
Vaginal Preparation
Ventilation of an Intubated Patient
Airway Management Quiz
Alertness and Orientation Quiz
Back Assessment Quiz
Bleeding Control and Shock Management
Blood Pressure Quiz
CAT Tourniquet Skill Sheet
CPAP Equipment Setup
CPAP Skills Sheet
CPR Quiz
Cardiac Arrest Management Skillsheet
Cervical Collar Sizing and Placement Quiz
Child CPR Quiz
Circulation, Sensation, Motor Quiz
Crowning Assessment Quiz
Diabetes signs and symptoms quiz
Drug Administration Safety Checks (the 5 rights)
EKG quiz
Endotracheal Tube Preparation Quiz
Epinephrine Auto Injector Lab Sheet
Epinephrine Auto-Injector Quiz
Example Narratives
Glasgow Coma Scale Quiz
Glucometer Blood Testing Quiz
Glucometer Lab Sheet
Head to Toe Assessment Quiz
Helmet Removal Quiz
Helmet Removal Skill Sheet
Hemorrhage Control Quiz
Hemorrhage Control in Childbirth Quiz
IV Drip Setup
IV Troubleshooting Quiz
Infant CPR Quiz
Integrated Management of Apneic Patient skillsheet
Integrated Out of Hospital Performance Assessment
Intravenous Setup and Monitoring Quiz
Joint Immobilization Quiz
Joint Immobilization Skill Sheet
Long Bone Immobilization Skill Sheet
Long Bone Splinting Quiz
Lung Auscultation Skill Sheet
Lung Sounds Quiz
Mass Casualty Classification Quiz
Medical Assessment Skill Sheet
Medical Patient Assessment Quiz
Mouth to Mask Ventilation Skillsheet
N95 Respirator Use Quiz
NPA Skillsheet
Naloxone Administration Quiz
Non-Rebreather Mask Quiz
O2 Tank Assembly and Disassembly Quiz
OPA Adult Skillsheet
OPA Pediatric
Oral Suctioning Skillsheet
Oxygen Administration
Oxygen Administration Quiz
Oxygen Administration Skillsheet
Patient Movement Using Log Roll Quiz
Penetrating Chest Injury Skill Sheet
Penetrating Chest Trauma Quiz
Physiology of Blood Pressure
Prehospital Childbirth Quiz
Prehospital Childbirth Skill Sheet
Pressure Dressing Application Quiz
Pressure Dressing Skill Sheet
Primary Assessment Quiz
Primary Survey Skill Sheet
Pulse Quiz
Pupillary Assessment Quiz
Rigid and Flexible Catheter Suction Quiz
Sager Traction Skill Sheet
Sager Traction Splint Quiz
Seated Spinal Immobilization Quiz
Seated Spinal Immobilization Skill Sheet
Skin Sign Evaluation Quiz
Skin, Temperature, and Pulse Oximetry Quiz
Spinal Immobilization Quiz
Spinal Immobilization Supine Patient
Stethoscope Use Quiz
Tourniquet Application Quiz
Trauma Assessment Scenario
Trauma Assessment Skill Sheet
Trauma Patient Assessment Quiz
Umbilical Cord Management Quiz
Upper Limb Splinting Quiz
Vaccine Quiz
Wound Packing Skill Sheet
AED trainer
Adult CPR Manikin
Airway Manikin
Alcohol wipes
Backboard Straps
Bag Valve Mask
Battery Operated Suction Unit
C Collar
CAT Tourniquet
CPR Pocket Mask
Chest seal
Childbirth Simulator
EMS Jump Bag
Elastic bandages
Endotracheal Tube Set
Epinephrine Auto-injector Trainer
Gauze Pads
Glucometer and test strips
Infant CPR Manikin
Kendrick Extraction Device (KED)
Long Backboard
Nasal Cannula
Nasopharyngeal Airways
Non-Rebreather Mask
OB Kit
Oral Glucose
Oropharyngeal Airways
Oxygen tank with regulator
Patient Mover
Pediatric CPR Manikin
Prehospital PPE
Rolled Gauze
Sager Splint
Sta-Blok Head Immobilizer
Triage Tags
Triangular Bandage
Wound packing simulator

This program is run by the Foothill College EMS Programs. The materials in this course encompass the psychomotor skills necessary to meet EMT certification standards in the state of California and gaining eligibility to sit the NREMT cognitive exam. They are listed in the order in which they should be learned, with a focus on mastering the fundamentals first, as some later skills build upon techniques learned in earlier skills. Typically the course is taught in a 2 quarter sequence.

Note that this does not cover the complete set of knowledge-based information tested in the cognitive exam administered by the NREMT, however, it helps prepare you for both the core skill and the supplemental skill examinations needed for certification in California, and covers the skills required by most state agencies. For complete requirements see the EMT Certification Handbook

This course is open access and may be used in any other certified program free of charge. It is not currently open edit, however, directors of accredited programs who are interested in contributing material or suggesting improvements are encouraged to contact us.

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

Fundamentals[edit | edit source]

Quarter 1 NREMT skills (Fundamentals/Trauma)[edit | edit source]

Quarter 2 NREMT skills (Operations/Medical/Special Patient Populations)[edit | edit source]

Additional skills[edit | edit source]

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