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This program is run by the Foothill College EMS Programs. The materials in this course encompass the psychomotor skills necessary to meet EMT certification standards in the state of California and gaining eligibility to sit the NREMT cognitive exam. They are listed in the order in which they should be learned, with a focus on mastering the fundamentals first, as some later skills build upon techniques learned in earlier skills. Typically the course is taught in a 2 quarter sequence.

Note that this does not cover the complete set of knowledge-based information tested in the cognitive exam administered by the NREMT, however, it helps prepare you for both the core skill and the supplemental skill examinations needed for certification in California, and covers the skills required by most state agencies. For complete requirements see the EMT Certification Handbook

This course is open access and may be used in any other certified program free of charge. It is not currently open edit, however, directors of accredited programs who are interested in contributing material or suggesting improvements are encouraged to contact us.

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

Fundamentals[edit | edit source]

Quarter 1 NREMT skills (Fundamentals/Trauma)[edit | edit source]

Quarter 2 NREMT skills (Operations/Medical/Special Patient Populations)[edit | edit source]

Additional skills[edit | edit source]

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