Use {{:PAGENAME}} to transclude a mainspace page. (If you don't use a colon, it calls a template instead.)

This doesn't automatically include a header, so you may want a level 1 header, either on the calling or transcluded page, by adding a single "=" either side of the title, on its own line. (The padding space is optional - i.e. "= Title =" and "=Title=" each on their own line, no quote marks, give an identical output.)

Example 1 - level 1 heading on calling page

For example:

= Earthing (electrical) =
{{:Earthing (electrical)}}

This will also include categories from the original page (unless they are inside a <noinclude> tag where they occur on the original page).

Example 2 - level 2 heading on transcluded page

The header also can be placed in the page to be transcluded, such as:

{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Selected project/Nominations}}

with its category not transcluded, such as:


[[Category:Welcome to Appropedia|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]

This produces: Welcome to Appropedia/Selected project/Nominations