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  • Stream Farm – A New Model for New Entrants.[1] Dec 21, 2018
  • Community potlucks: Shared meals help build deep ties among residents in Totnes.[2] Dec 5, 2018

Jan-Oct 2018[edit | edit source]

Future proofing with kindness.[3] Oct 9

Ecological Land Cooperative purchases site in South Somerset to create new small farms.[4] The Ecological Land Cooperative works to create affordable ecological smallholdings for new entrants to farming – those who would ordinarily be unable to afford a house in the countryside yet who wish to earn a living through farming. Oct

The healthiest menu for poor people? An extra helping from government, Jack Monroe, Sep 6[5]

Meet London's first 50 Urban Food Heroes using food for good, Mar 19[6]

UK farmers to be given first ever targets on soil health, Mar 13[7]

The true cost of food: what should we do about it? Feb 19[8]

2017[edit | edit source]

Community Fridge secures funding to roll out project across UK, Dec 7[9]

Waltham Forest: Carrots and communism: the allotments plotting a food revolution, Aug 17[10]

Today sees the launch of A People's Food Policy, Jun 26

A People's Food Policy[edit | edit source]

Street Party Table.jpg

A comprehensive proposal for a more just and sustainable food system in England[11] A ground-breaking manifesto outlining a people's vision of food and farming in England that is supported by over 80 food and farming organizations. The report draws on 18 months of extensive, nation-wide consultations with grassroots organizations, NGOs, trade unions, community projects, small businesses and individuals. It has resulted in a set of policy proposals and a vision for change that is rooted in the lived experiences and needs of people most affected by the failures in the current food system. A People's Food Policy is an extensive report, extending to 100 pages across 9 thematic chapters covering governance, food production, health, land, labour, environment, knowledge and skills, trade and finance - each with an in depth analysis and policy proposals for transforming the food system in England. June, 2017

Urban Agriculture in Little Sheffield, Mar 22[12]

Wales news: Fishguard's Transition Cafe wins award! Mar 6[13]

Britain's new wave of militant grocers, Sarah Butler, Feb 26[14]

FoodCycle Prevents Food Waste and Builds Community, One Meal at a Time, Feb 8[15]


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