Reasons[edit | edit source]

  1. Excitement of first green shoots
  2. being outdoors
  3. graded exercise for health and fitness
  4. learning about what grows well where, locally
  5. knowledge of growing techniques
  6. invoking wonderment, reawakening a sense of wonder in the natural world (quote FWD c77?)
  7. seeds burst forth
  8. mental wellbeing
  9. seed collection
  10. conservation
  11. harvest, and abundance
  12. sense of community
  13. groupwork
  14. meeting new people
  15. productive, unpressurised way of socializing
  16. generates sense of belonging
  17. mindfulness via growing local food
  18. awareness and appreciation of seasonality
  19. knowing, or getting to know the producers or growers
  20. being able to trust the provenance of produce
  21. growing confidence
  22. building self esteem
  23. learning and sharing knowledge
  24. shared kinship with local growers across the country (UK) and worldwide
  25. enhancing the environment
  26. enhancing environment quality
  27. free stuff: foraging, blackberries
  28. helps biodiversity
  29. keeps open spaces
  30. composting is a form of recycling
  31. reusing old pots and containers
  32. getting stuff to reuse from the wider community
  33. promoting localism which also helps road safety
  34. lower carbon footprint in growing the food
  35. lower carbon footprint in distributing the food locally
  36. encouraging cycling, several members cycle to the plot
  37. encouraging local schools and others in partnership working, which fosters social inclusion eg there is currently a group doing work experience with Communigrow
  38. local food projects can help build local communities online
  39. local food projects generate community involvement
  40. Communigrow's plans include solar water heating
  41. working with local food projects can combat depression and reduce anxiety, there is a lot of evidence-based research on the impact of the environment on health and mental wellbeing
  42. contact with nature
  43. community activity, for example growing food: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  44. the scents of growing crops
  45. birdsong out in the fields
  46. seeing more wildlife
  47. experimenting with different growing methods
  48. practising ingenuity
  49. using appropriate technology for growing local food
  50. learning more about appropriate technology
  51. devising new appropriate technology
  52. welcoming rain
  53. appreciating sunsets when still out in the fields
  54. learning about the importance of using water wisely
  55. learning about how to keep soils healthy
  56. learning about how to do more with less when growing food
  57. learning about seed saving
  58. the joy of nurturing living things
  59. doing stuff for others boosts happiness, doing stuff for others with others, eg whne growing food, boosts happiness even more (ref?)
  60. sitting in the growing field, just listening to nature
  61. being up with the lark, literally
  62. learning the patience to wait for the right or auspicious time for planting
  63. local food growing can be bee-friendly and so aid resilience of pollinators
  64. finding new varieties of fruit or vegetables to grow
  65. finding crops to harvest even in early spring
  66. returning to an overwintering crop for the first spring crop
  67. participating in a local food project, for example in growing food, can increase your learning curve, there is always something new to learn, new challenges
  68. sustainable decentralized farming systems can help regenerate local economies
  69. ...

Headings and topics[edit | edit source]

  • tips on propagating
  • cultivating
  • growing-the basics

Danielle: Wellbeing aspects of local food

Brett: Growing local food, putting up solar tunnels

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