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Reasons[edit | edit source]

  1. local food can offer greater variety than can be found in shops
  2. preserving diversity of crops and varieties
  3. local food can cost less and be better value
  4. local food purchasing can also increase awareness of fair trade and ethical consumerism
  5. seeds can be used in art projects
  6. crops can provide materials for local crafts
  7. an involvement with local food projects can lead to learning more about wider food issues such as the value of organic farming, food security and food justice
  8. participating in a local food project can increase your learning curve, there is always something new to learn, new challenges
  9. finding new varieties of fruit or vegetables to prepare and cook
  10. developing relationships with farmers market traders
  11. conviviality of farmers markets
  12. getting food without having to get in the car, or travel other than on foot
  13. enjoying community food events
  14. local food can provide ingredients for home made wine or locally produced ciders
  15. participating in a local food project, for example in discovering more about local food and where to find it, can increase your learning curve, there is always something new to learn, new challenges
  16. when you know where your food comes from it gives you reasons to savour it
  17. ...

Headings and topics[edit | edit source]

  • Local food as part of a low carbon diet
  • Finding local food online
  • New ideas, eg Food hub

Danielle: Wellbeing aspects of local food

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