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Reasons[edit | edit source]

  1. fresher food
  2. tastier, more flavoursome food
  3. healthy eating - you are what you eat
  4. the challenge of creative cooking
  5. the fun of devising recipes
  6. experimenting with different combinations of herbs in cooking
  7. learning to make use of abundant crops eg "What can I do with 50 globe artichokes!"
  8. Preserving food to extend the season
  9. sharing local food
  10. unpolluted or less polluted food
  11. food with less packaging
  12. shared meals, including outdoor meals
  13. discovering new tastes
  14. using appropriate technology when preparing food
  15. appreciating ugly veg
  16. surprises in vegetable boxes
  17. getting youngsters to appreciate real food
  18. teaching cooking skills
  19. learning about how to do more with less when preparing food
  20. more vitamins from fresher food
  21. doing stuff for others boosts happiness, doing stuff for others with others, for example when preparing food, boosts happiness even more (ref?)
  22. the pleasure of shelling peas in the garden on a warm sunny day
  23. mindfulness via preparing and enjoying local food
  24. Seasonal treats and specialities (heading: listings, recipes, etc)
  25. participating in a local food project, for example in learning about preparing food, can increase your learning curve, there is always something new to learn, new challenges
  26. community activity, for example preparing for a food event: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  27. ...

Headings and topics[edit | edit source]

  • recipes, which ties it all together
  • what to do with unusual crops
  • what to do with sudden abundance
  • local food and allergies

Helen: Why I enjoy eating fresh food

Richenda: Using local produce and seasonality

Danielle: Wellbeing aspects of local food

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