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World Wetlands Day is an environmentally related celebration which dates back to the year 1971 when several environmentalists gathered to reaffirm protection and love for wetlands, which are water ecosystems containing plant life and other organisms that bring ecological health in abundance to not only water bodies but environments as a whole. The World Wetlands Secretary Department is originally from Gland, Switzerland. The adoption of the Ramsar convention in "the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea" occurred on February 2, 1971.

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on the second day of February every year, though it was not celebrated until 1997. This day serves to highlight the influence and positive production that wetlands have had on the world and brings communities together for the benefit of Mother Nature. This day also raises global awareness of wetlands' significant role not only for people but for the planet. Community protectors and environmental enthusiasts all come together on this day to celebrate their love for nature through celebration, which recognises what wetlands have done for not only humans, but all sorts of organisms in the world.

Over time, human construction has led to various ecological problems affecting wetlands. Overpopulation and construction has led to a decrease in environmental conservation. Many wetlands are being lost and ecologists claim that human should recognise the dilemma before a natural filter and conserver of the world is lost.

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Feb 2, annually

Annual themes[edit | edit source]

2022: Wetlands Action for People & Nature[1]
2019: Wetlands and climate change

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See: World Wetlands Day

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