Maps for this page?[edit source]

This page raises a really interesting question for me, which I'd love to get other peoples' thoughts on, especially 'A/UK central':

It's something like how might we want to do something like this, enabling a growing number and diversity of people continue to find each other easily over time, longer term? Here's how they do it in Transition Network for example

So how would it be if we could include a couple of maps here, in Examples of Citizen Action Networks, say a UK map, and a world map, (or the other way round)? Plus similar maps on break out pages in relation to the broad themes of Menu of possibilities?

Coincidently, Appropedia, the wiki within which CASwiki has found a highly congenial, integrated and collaborative home, is currently developing a maps facility: discussion, world map example, country example, El Salvador

As I understand it we're not yet at the stage when we can do cities or regions, but that'll come.

Love to get your thoughts and feedback on this. Philralph (talk) 17:16, 31 December 2020 (UTC)

An invitation to everyone?[edit source]

We need to include something for those who feel themselves alone in their local community. Any ideas?

  • some sort of social media option (David has ideas re this) linking those who feel unable to get going with those who've already made a start or gone some distance in developing a CAN, 'buddies'(?) who are willing to help share learning?