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Sustainability initiatives[edit]

Initiatives by topic[edit]

Climate action[edit]

Communities online[edit]

Leicestershire Villages

Community energy[edit]

Green Fox Community Energy, Leicester and Leicestershire's sustainable energy co-operative

Cycling activism[edit]

Cycle City, information from Leicester City Council - Cycling in Leicestershire, information from Leicestershire County Council - Leicester Cycle Hub - Wikipedia: Leicester Bike Park

Ethical consumerism[edit]

Just... Fairtrade, Leicester

Food activism[edit]

Leicestershire Food Links, information on Farmers’ Markets

Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle[edit]

Freeuse Leicestershire If you don't use it, Freeuse it!

Rural sustainability[edit]

Leicestershire Rural Partnership - Rural Community Council (Leicestershire and Rutland)

Sustainable transport activism[edit], part of the lifstshare network - Transport and Streets, information from Leicester City Council, includes information on cycling, buses and walking in Leicester



March 22 Greenlight Festival, Leicester’s festival of sustainable living

June 22 Loughborough BIG Family Bike Ride

June 29 BIG Family Bike Ride @ Coalville Picnic in the Park

News and comment[edit]


Lessons from Leicester - how one city is making space for cycling, Nov [1]

Market Harborough tops State of the Town sustainability report, Mar 1 [2]


Lessons from Leicester … the UK's unlikely new poster city for cycling, November 26 [3]



Cycling Maps, from Leicestershire County Council

Food: Market Harborough Local Food and Drink Map

Interwiki links[edit]

Wikipedia: Leicestershire

External links[edit]

  • b-inspired, "developing successful neighbourhoods in Leicester, and providing the services and support needed to embrace and nurture talent and potential in our exciting and diverse communities."


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