President Gloria Macapaga-Arroyo Inspection of the Jatropha Variety seeds, around 100 Jatropha growers. Seed extraction is made simple with the use of the Universal Nut Sheller, an appropriate technology designed by the Full Belly project.
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The Full Belly Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people in developing countries with the ability to achieve independent and sustainable economies by facilitating the design and distribution of appropriate technologies.

From their revolutionary nut sheller (first peanut sheller) invented by Jock Brandis, to our development of a hand operated soy milk maker, the Full Belly Project is shaping a sustainable future in Africa and throughout the world.

This project teaches people how to build hand-operated machines on the spot with common materials. Our material of choice for sheller parts is concrete because it is inexpensive and has a very long service life. In addition, even the most remote villages have access to cement and someone who knows how to work with it.

They are a very active open source technology group.

Listen to the Full Belly Project webcast

Nut sheller technology[edit | edit source]

External projects working on improving or modifying the nut sheller:

(This includes projects by Humboldt State University students.)

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