Instructions for Making
FBP Universal Nut Shellers
1. Introduction
2. Assembling the stator mold
3. Assembling the rotor mold
4. Mixing and pouring concrete
5. Removing parts from molds
6. Assembling shellers
7. Adjusting and testing shellers
8. Troubleshooting

Instructions for Making a Nut Sheller

Based on the kit available from the Full Belly Project[1]

This is what your sheller will look like when it is completed.

The steps in building a sheller are[edit | edit source]

  1. Assembling the molds for each part.
  2. Mixing and pouring the concrete into the molds.
  3. Removing the parts from the molds.
  4. Assembling the sheller.
  5. Adjusting and testing the sheller.
  6. Troubleshooting.

Special Note: All the parts are named and numbered. The directions will refer to both the name and number of each part. The part name will be in bold.

Rotor in Stator

The stator and the rotor are the two parts of the sheller that you will make and put together. The rotor is mounted in the stator.

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