Instructions for Making
FBP Universal Nut Shellers
1. Introduction
2. Assembling the stator mold
3. Assembling the rotor mold
4. Mixing and pouring concrete
5. Removing parts from molds
6. Assembling shellers
7. Adjusting and testing shellers
8. Troubleshooting

Mixing and pouring the concrete into the molds.

STEP 1: Mix together two parts sand and one part cement. Add water until you get a thick consistency slightly

wetter than mortar mix. CAUTION: Use hard sand, sand blasting or river sand. Sand the size of a grain of rice

is perfect. Avoid fine sand or crushed coral.

STEP 2: Pour Concrete into the Rotor Mold (#4)

Pour concrete into the mold. Tap the outside often with a wood block to remove any air bubbles. Fill until the concrete is within one

finger width of the inner rotor mold lip. Make sure the top of the mold is level while the concrete sets. Important Note:

Use a bubble level if available, or just do the best you can to level out the assembly. This ensures the

rotor runs "true" inside the Stator.

STEP 3: Pour Concrete into the Stator Mold (#2)

Pour concrete into the mold, making sure the cement does not get between the plastic liner and the inner rotor mold. Hit the side often with a piece of wood to remove any air bubbles. Fill to within one finger width of the top of the molds. Set on level surface.

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