E. Troubleshooting:

Problem: The rotor or stator break when removing it from the outer mold.

Cause: 1) Too little cement with the sand

2) Sand may have been dirty

3) Part was removed from the mold too early.

Solution: 1) Break concrete apart with hammer, clean metal parts with wire brush and reuse.

Problem: When turning the handle while trying to shell nuts, the handle and the locking nut turn together,

while the rotor does not.

Cause: The locking nut is not tightened enough.

Solution: Tighten the locking nut securely, hitting with a small block of wood or a rock if necessary.

Problem: When removing the outer stator mold, the bolts on the narrow end of the mold do not pass easily

through the mold.

Cause: The "S" shape of the long stator rods went in backwards. Rather than the bolts sticking out

perpendicular to the top of the mold, they stuck out at an angle that does not allow the mold to be

easily removed.

Solution: Do the best you can to remove the mold. This may end up making the holes in the stator mold

bigger as the bolts are forced through the fiberglass, but it should still give you years of good


Problem: The nuts you are shelling are either very large or very small, and the rotor cannot be adjusted

enough down or up to shell the nuts correctly.

Cause: Rotor needs to be raised or lowered more that the existing thread count on the top of the rotor rod

will allow.

Solution: Additional adjustments of the rotor height can be made by

1) adding or subtracting the big washers below the handle.

2) Loosening the "U" bolt nuts that secure the top pipe to the top bracket, move top pipe

up or down as needed. Retighten "U" bolt bolts.

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