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e.quinox is a non-profit, humanitarian project that hopes to bring cost-effective, sustainable renewable energy to developing countries. The project aims to develop a business model which is financially sustainable - designed to recover for the initial investment made for the energy kiosks over a few years.

Energy Kiosk[edit | edit source]

The 'Energy Kiosk' is a solar charging station, where the local population can charge their batteries for a small fee. At home they can use the energy for lighting, phone charging and to power a radio. This concept has several benefits. Firstly it is similar to the current concept of buying energy in small portions and therefore overcomes the problem of the high initial investment for conventional solar solution. The centralization of the system allows for 'community appliances', appliances that require more power and give a benefit to the whole community e.g. a water purifier. This system can be easily scaled and adjusted to the community's size and requirements.[1]

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