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The challenge rewards appropriate technology and social change projects showing enterprise and innovation at a grassroots level to help better the world.

Vote for Sustainability and Social Outreach Project winners in the BBC's World Challenge

Vote from September 27th - Nov 12th, 2010[edit | edit source]

Winners get US $20,000, while two runners up will each receive US$10,000 for future projects and the following is a list of those winners with DIY info on Appropedia.

List of Top Twelve finalists[edit | edit source]

  • Full Belly Project, provides low cost universal nut-shelling devices to women in rural Africa, saving them from cracking the shells by hands and developing early arthritis. For more info on their projects look here.
  • Isla Urbana has worked to improve water quality and water accessibility to people who have no access to clean water. They coordinate efforts with different communities to build local capacity and local jobs for designing and building rainwater catchment systems around Mexico. For more info on their projects look here.
  • Sierra Productiva, Peru. A group teaching organic techniques, as well as the use of drip irrigation and springs to rural farmers in Peru.
  • Chumbe Island Coral Park, Tanzania. An eco-reserve protecting the surrounding coral reefs and demonstrating alternative technologies like composting toilets.
  • MYC4's, Denmark. Provides capital for investment in African businesses that otherwise have no access to credit.
  • The Jompy Stove, Kenya. The stove top design sits between a cooking pot or an open flame to allow women to cook their food while at the same time sterilizing water for drinking.
  • Craig Calfee's Bamboo Bicycle Frame, Zambia. The bicycle provides a new market for small business entrepreneurs using local materials.
  • Long Way Home, Guatemala. They are building a mixed academic and vocational school to provide better employment and educational opportunities and the building itself is part of the solution, utilizing recycled waste products like tires and bottles.
  • Husk Power Systems, India. This group builds biodigesters that harnesses methane from rice husk waste in order to power off-grid mini power stations for rural lighting and business.
  • The Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Philippines. This group builds ram pumps that use the power of the rivers flow to push water up hill and save rural communities time and hard labor from going to collect water far away.
  • Blue Ventures, Madagascar. A conservation group dedicated to protecting coral reefs around Madagascar.
  • E.quinox, Sub Sahara Africa. Has set up a solar energy kiosk that can recharge battery boxes for use by rural villages without access to on grid electricity.
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