• Design some objects and garments for forest conflict role playing..i can suggest chainsaw, harvester, hard hat, barricade, suggest markus..will also affect be dependent on script.
  • Easy to make

Hardhat(kypärä), ear defenders (kuulosuojaimet), logs (motti)

  • More technical
  • Timberjack


see also high grading


harvester (moto), chainsaw (moottorisaha), tree (puu): mänty, kuusi, koivu?, snow mobile? (moottorikelkka), quadbike (mönkijä) MARJAT: mustikka, hamaki moss

Rocks, stones

woodpecker, wolf, bear, spider, fly (hirvikarpemnen), (horsefly) parma, beetle hyyteen (sound of mosquito), ant muorioheinen, anthill! (keko), korppi, pöllö

  • ...VFCS artifacts (IN second life they are artifacts, in real life OBJECTS, in scripting PROPS) sounds good.

Here can be seen the artifacts we made for Dortmund solemnizing and how they link to the stories:

Dortmund Opening#Objects.26 Stories

SEE also

Forest Objects

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