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bought land[edit | edit source]

Region's name is Caernars demise.

Also you can find it using sl-search with keywords virtual forest conflict sites.


Moving to Commonwealthislands[edit | edit source]

Avatars[edit | edit source]

Mikko (Okkim Babii), Markus (Markus Darkward now using Walder Qarnac), A., Ismo (Ismo Trill) 12.04.2010

Scripting Portal[edit | edit source]

Pros and Cons of Second Life[edit | edit source]

In which context??

Pros SL[edit | edit source]

  • is well known
  • wide userbase
  • can be linked very easily to other applications to the net, like twitter, googlemaps, facebook
  • relatively easy to design objects in the virtual world
  • has this culture of approaching things not in a serious way, fantasy approach; e.g. theater in sl, allows it
  • teens version 13 - 18 ONLY and 18+ adults only
  • experience of the use of sl in art projects
  • play with identities
  • has awarded these innovative uses in art and knowledge sharing:

activism in second life[edit | edit source]

second life for activism - Common Weath Island:

Cons SL[edit | edit source]

Where does the sl idea come from? Mikko

This project is part of a bigger one "Twins Intercool", Dortmund, Ruhr 2010, to focus on young people is part of the frame to apply;

Resources[edit | edit source]

  • Overall view of Second Life

  • Second Life's web page

In order to buy artifacts and land in Second Life, one needs to have Linden dollars. US dollars can be changed to Linden dollars by first depositing them to one account either using PayPal or credit card and then buying Linden dollars with them:

Where to deposit US$

Where to buy L$

COSTS here = 87 US dollars a year

AND land use fees

Land rental instructions

Land auction instructions

How to buy land - IMPORTANT

Lands for sale

AND then special rates for Teens Second Life (need to be an institute / nonprofit AND person doing it has to have a background check that OKs them for this)

COSTS = HOW much do we need???

1 EURO = approx 370 LINDEN DOLLAR$_Marketplace


Avatar for seeing exhibit[edit | edit source]

Spector Woodford - salasana, think of the top of the house.

To do List[edit | edit source]

Get a space / Buy Land

Start artefact hunting - we need Trees, Water, Boards for showing "screen show" that goes in each stream (MEDIA, NARRATIVE, PEOPLE POWER, NATURE POWER)

Identify locations that will represent these places.

Land locations looked at[edit | edit source]


It would be ideal to find a place size of 8000 m2 that has neighbors that fit visually to our project. Also 4000 m2 sized area can be used. But smaller than that can be problematic. Max price for the land could be 200$ or 52000 L$

IMPORTANT: when you visit the land, check the place profile from the world -menu. There is a OBJECTS -category under which you see how many prims you can have in the area. The more the better. Prims are important when adding new object in the area. Also, if the area is owned by a private company or individual, check the GENERAL -category and the possible restrictions. In some places you are not allowed to do anything you want even if you own the land which sucks... If the land is on the mainland area then we need to have a premium account to buy it.

So the plan could be that you try to find as many potential places as possible and on Tuesday we go them through. My estimation is based on the land fee prices. We must pay a fee when we own any land in SF. So for the 8000 m2 area the fee could be 360$/9months. Then we could have 200 euros for objects and stuff and I think that would be enough...

8,192 m2=40$/kk =360$ (9months)

4,096 m2=25$/kk =225$ (9months)

  • 2 Land auction

IF we look at auctioned land there is a list and closing time:


Stay logged in[edit | edit source]

  • Away Time-out
  • The default for this is 5 minutes. If you wish to be away for extended time, but not shown as away or logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity, you can uncheck the Advanced Menu > Character > Character Tests > Go Away/AFK When Idle item. This turns off the timers.

Allows you to make certain infos for actions or clothing forbidden or musts for avatars, e.g. police only in the police cabin or protesters only in protest area. Similarly to arrest avatar etc..

Editing land[edit | edit source]

and Better Earth is here

YOU CAN give land to a group by DEED

Apps for communicating between Second Life and other internet publicities[edit | edit source]

Flick in Second Life

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