Here are people concerned with aspects related to the forest conflict. They may take one position or another, but they have some kind of conenction.

PEOPLE[edit | edit source]

Pentti Linkola (SUOMI)

Hannu Hyvönen (SUOMI) - he is director

Ari Lehtinen (SUOMI)

Markus wrote to Ari and reply was:

Mark, Thanks for asking to contribute to Virtual Forest Conflicts: its seems an nice idea indeed you've developed. My material on the (Finnish-Russian) Greenbelt conflicts (Inari, Kuusamo, Pjaozersk/Pääjärvi, Viena, N. Karelia etc) includes some photographs, interview inserts, episode descriptions etc but perhaps not dramatic enough, and not enough processed, to be included. Also this material is slightly/mostly historical. But our (esp. Matthew Sawatzky and Teijo Rytteri) ongoing project on Manitoba might perhaps be of interest to you (see the video link, and the attached info). The quality of the film is not too good: its made for research purposes (its mostly 'raw material', only briefly edited), but, on the other hand, the 'authenticity'=dynamic setting comes instead in the forefront. Well, i don't know if this is something you aim at, and of course, if presenting the doc somewhere, licenses from those interviewed need to be asked. Hence, feel free to comment anything about it.

I also have some material (poor quality photographs, draft of a paper etc) from my later work in Iz'ma, Northern Komi, and Iz'vatas activism; campaigning against oil drilling in their home forests (Sebys nature cons. area) and aluminium plant development close to their home river, but i have not had time to refine this material too much yet. Its mainly about the people and villages living in and of the forests surrounding them. But, in any case, we'd be delighted to be informed how your 'Virtual Forest Conflicts' is progressing. Best wishes, ari

Lähettäjä: Matthew Sawatzky Lähetetty: 6. toukokuuta 2010 10:57 Vastaanottaja: Ari Lehtinen; rytteri Aihe: RE: Virtual Forest Conflict Project

Hei, I think that I finally got this to work (I tried until 1 am yesterday and since 7.30 this morning). Let me know if you can view the film with this. Also, with these free transfers we can only access the film online for 5 days so you might want to make a copy of it on a disk if you want to keep it (it takes 2 hours to upload a file this size so it's better if you have a copy handy). Ari, if you think it's good you can send the link to the exposition.



here's the link


more info here

Swampy (UK)

TREES[edit | edit source]


and its the game HANGMAN IN ENglish


Phytophthora ramorum

"We seem to be hearing about more and more tree pests and diseases breaking out in Britain in recent years. Is this true and what's the reason?

Unfortunately tree and plant pests and diseases such as P. ramorum are on the increase. One of the reasons is the huge expansion of international trade in recent decades, including the trade in semi-mature 'specimen' trees and plants, especially those with root balls with soil. This has increased the risk of accidental introductions of pests and diseases from other parts of the world. Climate change might also be a factor in some cases, by making it possible for some alien pests and diseases to survive and become established in Britain where they couldn't have done so several decades ago, for example because the winters and springs were too cold.

This means it is vital that we remain vigilant against the risk of pests and diseases entering Britain. It is also vital that we continue to research and investigate pests and diseases so that we know as much as possible about them and are thereby equipped as well as possible to deal with them if they arise."


Wildlife[edit | edit source]

  • bracket fungus

BEINGS[edit | edit source]


Jack in the Green



Woodwose / Wildman


The Honest Woodcutter

Little red Riding hood


Humans were created from Trees:é

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