There are many depictions of forests in art. Even a photograph is a depiction. Although it may seem as if a forest photograph cannot be posed, an area can be cleared, have logs added or managed in a way to generate a "typical" though actually non typical forest.

illustrations[edit | edit source]

Gustave Doré

STORY ILLUSTRated by Doré about woodcutter and the ax shaft - tree gives ax handle and the forrester then chops the tree down the felling forester revealing irony.

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Greenpeace: Old Growth Forest from Inari:

Forest Landscapes:

Paintings[edit | edit source]

Anton Mauve The Wagon 1885 - shows a tree cut down and dragged away

Preraphalaete Art has many good depictions:

John William Inchbold A Study in March (In Early Spring)

William Dyce Titian's First Essay in Colour 1856-7

William Dyce George Herbert at Bemreton 1861

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