Mikko (Okkim Babii), Markus (Markus Darkward NOW Walder Qarnac), Annette 13.04.2010

  • Religion, Differences in forest treatment
    • Pagan
    • Christian
  • Alternative narratives to challenge forest propaganda by multinational forest companies
  • Story in the place of forest mythos - narrative analysis & tradition
  • Relationship to nature
  • Wilderness and it's relationship to urban lifestyle
  • Myths of wilderness and the use of them in consumeristic culture
  • Forest in fiction & fact
    • Romantic desriptions or
    • Real representations in photography, printing, monographs, videos, very idealized, in National collective conscious "What a forest REALLY is???"
  • http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/01/19/2468783.htm
  • http://australianetwork.com/englishbites/ep019.htm
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