• edit this kind of a clear information text, using when we approaching other organizations, inviduals; aim:
    • to get them interested in the project;
    • start discussion with them, e.g. we contact an activist organisation, we need to know what they want, if they are using already new media (twitter, facebook);
  • may be it's easierer to first brevier inform them, than ask them for their own interests; what are the most important topics?
  • physical places we can use as a model for second life
  • apply money for the project
    • two grants: travelling costs, equipment, office: in April
  • further financial resources: Mai
  • first exhibitan to focus on: May, the 7th
  • decide which tools should be used, e.g. tampere: face-to-face meetings, email, appropedia Dortmund, second life (in some points), phone (buy phone credit) for calls, sms, skype (voice, text, camera)
  • invite people from tampere to meetings, use the phone and bilateral conversation to give them the feeling of being welcome
  • introduction text to appropedia Dortmund, how to
  • teach the use of the applications, sl, wiki (face-to -face)
  • discuss / decide the money in the project should be spent for: project team, it's delegated to Mikko (Coordinator), Markus, Minta; e.g. communication costs, transport / travel
  • twitter by mobile: check it
  • research how people in remote areas are communicating: use what they already used to use; we have to ask first which tool to introduce newly
  • lists

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