This page is for planning a VIRTUAL FOREST CONFLICT SITES project demo for Promoting Changes exhibition in Tampere 2010.

Report of the exhibition[edit | edit source]

Things that worked and didn't work in the Promoting Changes exhibition:


  • in the end of the exhibition there were some markings in the installed world map. no markings in the map of Finland. It seemed that the global perspective generated more thinking than the national. (-mikko)
  • the projected landscape worked well with the old forest scenery in the other room. The virtual landscape was conceptually interesting as such even when audience couldn't move in it. (-mikko)

didn't work:

  • the possibility to interact in the museum space created problems: -there was porno shown and people used avatar to visit Second Life shops and other unrelevant sites. In the Second Life site there wasn't much to do. (-mikko)
  • there wasn't enough energy to actively participate to the Second life development, interaction, promoting, moderating or organize any extra workshops in museum space. (-mikko)
  • The museum's computer wasn't good enough for viewing the virtual reality. (-mikko)
  • The virtual site wasn't open for public in Second Life (-mikko)

Info about the exhibition:

Luonto-Liitto Fri 4 June[edit | edit source]

Location: to be decided Time: to be decided WHO: Mikko and Markus MINTA?? ISMO?? SARI??

Markus wrote:

To Action

Mikko to write to LL and arrange details. Idea will be to talk about the forest conflict sites and commonalities between them. So that if a new person turned up to a conflict they could take action. So we would look at the emphasis of young people (that want to take action) and professional activists (that want to research a conflict properly before taking action).

Idea is to make some Heads Up Boards for Second Life - can be PowerPoint / YouTube

Mikko to ask people to bring images and maybe short clips for discussion creation of heads up boards (HUBs) in second life.

STILL to do: virtual protest

rôle play worked out.

Mikko wrote:

Topics: Experiences of forest conflicts, examples of used methods and strategies in the campaings and brainstorming how these could be applied in Second Life.

Opening: 7th of May[edit | edit source]

Fig 1: Room layout in Werstas

Arrangement in the room:

  • Opening

Eqt - 1 PC projecting, 1 PC to connect to projector; 1 PC for use of audience, large screen for them to see it.

  • Installation - 1 PC and projector (arrange so fox looks at conflict sites) AND 1 pc with audience interaction possibility (in Werstas this was in the corridor, BEST is near the actual large projection, this gives the opportunity for some interaction by others and to have 2 people interacting.
  • Texts:
  • =2 sheets A4 portrait= - "Foreigner's finnish forest"
  • =Project Contextualization= synopsis, time line, future workshops and how to be involved -

Metsäkiistat virtuaali todellisuus dessa (virtual forest conflict site) yteistehti työpajat bibztaulu työpaij.5. aliotsamme tällä lailla...

  • =Instructions for 2nd life= how to move avatar and interact in 2nd life
  • Instructions for interacting with second life

How to Interact with Second Life

Second Life is a virtual world created by Linden Labs. You can enter it in the form of an Avatar.

Your avatar can travel around, talk with others, move objects and do what you want.

Have a go and wander around the forest.

Second Life käyttöhete voit liikkua avatarilla VIRTUAL FOREST CONFLICT SITES

Alveilla Ohjeet lyhyesti:

  • =Instructions for interacting with MAP= this is a Mercator projection large (2mX17ocm) map. People then can write and draw forest conflict stuff on it.
  • Instructions For Interacting with the Map

Hello WORLD!

Here is a representation of the world – a map.

This map is Mercator's way of showing the world. Second Life is another way of showing the world.

How do they compare?

What kind of reality does the map show? How can you interact with it?

Please write your comments, thoughts, pictures on YOUR world.

Its good if you can write about Forests;

as our exhibition is about Virtual Forest Conflict Sites.

Feel free to attach objects, pictures and be creative.

Kartta teksti

Second Life Virtual Forests Conflict Sites

Merkitse alueita, joita halvaisit käsiteltävän teodessa

== Closing: 30th of May == (NOW extended till Mid June so that Dortmund curators can see it)

  • 13th of April: space for the exhibition, installation
  • equipment from the museum
  • decide the place before friday
  • send a text about the project to the Promoting Changes website: Tampere, admin/content: Anna Knappe
  • participating in the exhibition: Pekka Niskanen (Curator), Mikko Torvinen and Lukas Hoffmann (Nord Stream - the game), Martta Tuomaala and Essi Laurila (Puutostila), Pekka Niskanen (projekt ledader: Youth as Refugees), Mikko Keskiivari (I am YouTube), Lari Lätti and Karoliina Paapa, Leena Pukki (Route Culture - fasion for your road), Mikael Kinanen and Vili Nissinen (Political Fashion Show), Hirvitalo (Virtual Forest Conflict Sites), Liisa Ahlfors (Daydreams, Small Ones)
  • aim of exhibition: early development phase, to get the potential partners interested and involved in the development, local art school (may be); testing ground - does the concept work? not to show sth finished; for more information: ask the curator
  • Markus: know who is involved in the conflict
  • Mikko: try if second life works in a museum context
      • equipment for running the computer
    • internet connection
  • who has to be informed: house meeting on Wednesday, members of the project team by email
  • document the steps of development in the wiki

Workshops[edit | edit source]

Meeting Monday 19 April[edit | edit source]

Ismo, Markus, Mikko, Annette

What is nature, natural wood?

Whithout the influence of men?

We … with artifical technics

Express sth with wood like emotions

problem: it looks to phantasylike

represent forest in activism context

video documentary approach: interviewing acteurs, greenpreace performance, forest rescue base camp, organized different events from this center, illustrates it like a physical conflict, forest workers anti terrorism camp, person who interviews goes near to the acteurs, shows different kinds of identities, clothings, habits … creative theater and performance activities, appealing for the audience, approach more with a drama character, skripts in the forest, roleplay, forest reenactment, battle of … stongehenge,

costumes, artifacts like a sort of animal, flora, harvester machine, nature preservation signs

roleplay in the virtual world in summer time

open source code to build up e.g. animals, objects: skripts

commitment when sth happens, generally you are alone; placing artifacts in a right way to study them in your own time, burned fireplaces, who has been there?, how many people?, trunks of forest cuttings

we should select a place which has all this visable signs of conflict

examine, information, being inspector, objects can speak to you, trying how it feels to wear costumes, use machines, sitting in a harvester cabin

training field of activist, also makes some claims, provocated like in theater

psychology behind it

sb is looking by entering second life

strong feeling of social observation

you are always in someones land, yard

private section without permission

related to forest experience, ownership, that you shouldn't be there

cities: no man's land, shared place

media in second life, in the real conflict

in exhibition be precise, claiming responsibility

invite activists, companies, police school

goal: in summer we are going this first roleplay in second life; this first exhibition could start this process

nordic wood as a kind of stage, set for the play

keep the link to the actual Nordic spot

workshop: possible scenes, places, models of the actors, who, how are they related to one another, to the issue, ask participants for it; skript writing

email adress to collect material, pictures, references to make the roleplay better, after workshop contuing

reenactments of forest conflicts: what are places, characters, time, mental image, story

do you have any experience of forest conflict, forest itself?

What is already usable in second life?

Using terms of roleplay / theater for explanation how to find and take part: because they know them

series roleplay in second life about real conflicts in finnish / nordic forests

time tables:

Ismo: on vacation from school, one course, few projects, painting, curator, democratia

To do[edit | edit source]

Kimmo to implement sl on computer at library and also public computer for interactions (test it works)

map prints: integrates peoples knowledge to make our scenarios stronger

Questions for Workshop

		 What is your role in this conflicts?

Are you happy with it, would you like to have another one?

Need to discuss, describe what they have seen, express feelings

What was new in the movie, shocking

Relationship to the subject

Map of different kinds of players, issues, get some kind of a picture of the conflict

Who should be invited to meetings, how to proceed effectively? To make it open what we are doing. Information.

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