Fig 1: floor display
  • In the end of the project we could sell the virtual forest sites in auction and donate the money for some forest organizations. This action would deal with the nature of Second Life which is defined by private ownership.
  • We could try to find some contacts in Thailand who are familiar with Second Life and are willing to work with the berry picker conflict.
  • The Forest Industry in Finland has based its rhetorics on the dichotomy in which industrial, modernized civilization is depicted as something rational (and good for both society and nature) whereas nature is depicted as something chaotic (weak, sick, dangerous). The basic slogan has been: The Majestic forest of Finland are a result of wise treatment (metsänhoito). It would be interesting to depict the industry based civilization as something irrational and weak and forests as something rational and good. Of course this is something biologists have been trying to point out (Linkola), bu what would be efficient ways of amplify this message? Or is this already the current paradigm of our era?
  • I feel that on the symbolical level there's also a contradiction in the message of activists who have based their thinking on this 'nature is rational' paradigm: if the best would be to just leave the forest to solve it's problems in it's wisdom, then why organize actions in the forest ?
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