Objet's D'art

See Forest Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Forest Artifacts are second life objects, props for role playing etc.

Forest / nature jewelery[edit | edit source]


Forest Measurements[edit | edit source]

Here can be seen some measurements derived from a forest based culture:


motti – 1 m³ (firewood or waste paper) toltti – 12 (lumber)

  1. poronkusema – (approximately 7.5 km). A Lappish measurement of distance; the distance a reindeer can travel before needing to stop to urinate. Today used to describe something that is at a very obscure distance away.
  2. Poronkusemaa kuukaudessa – similar to furlongs per fortnight

kiihtelys – 40 (squirrel pelts)


skogsmil – Also rast, distance between rests in the woods, approx 5 km.

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