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Process[edit | edit source]

User:Chriswaterguy/Wikignome/moving category page content with history - process

Next! 2013[edit | edit source]

Early 2013

]] Water and sanitation for developing countries Fly control Demotech About Demotech Defining Concepts Demotech Listen Demotech Localize Energy Demotech Means to get informed Demotech Redesign Demotech Search Demotech publications Demotech Sound mobility Demotech Think Demotech Water Demotech Water & Sanitation Demotech/Porting content Making made easier

Moved[edit | edit source]

5 Nov 2011[edit | edit source]

Note: Status was afterwards moved to Appropedia:Status.

  1. Export & edit these
  2. Add headers to cat & topic pages.

Category:Appropedia Action Groups
Category:South Asia
Category:African American Environmentalist Association
Category:Air pollution
Category:Constructed wetlands
Category:Green businesses
Category:Green power
Category:Hybrid vehicles
Category:Industrial ecology
Category:Integrated cooking
Category:International Development Design Summit
Category:International development
Category:Land use
Category:Living roofs
Category:Mobility and rehabilitation
Category:OSU Student Sustainability Initiative
Category:Peace Corps
Category:Thermal curtains
Category:Toilet designs
Category:Vaccine refrigeration

And after the move, use bot on list above- 1.:

python -regex '(?si).*?(?:\[\[Category)(.*$)' '{{Category data}}\n\n[[Category\1'  -excepttext:'\{\{.*inprogress.*\}\}'  -summary:'Topic content has been moved to the same pagename, but in mainspace.' -log -file:catmove -pt:02

Then use bot on topic list below::

python -regex '(?si){{(Browsetopic|Newpageresource)}}' ''  -excepttext:'\{\{.*inprogress.*\}\}'  -summary:'Remove Browsetopic and/or Newpageresource templates - these could be replaced by something suitable to mainspace.' -log -file:catmove -pt:02


python -regex '(?si)(^.*$)' '{{topic header||{{subst:PAGENAME}}}}\n\n\1\n[[Category:{{subst:PAGENAME}}]]'  -excepttext:'\{\{.*inprogress.*\}\}'  -summary:'Add topic header, and add category of same name as this topic page.' -log -file:catmove -pt:02
[[African American Environmentalist Association]]
[[Air pollution]]
[[Appropedia Action Groups]]
[[South Asia]]
[[Constructed wetlands]]
[[Green businesses]]
[[Green power]]
[[Hybrid vehicles]]
[[Industrial ecology]]
[[Integrated cooking]]
[[International Development Design Summit]]
[[International development]]
[[Land use]]
[[Living roofs]]
[[Mobility and rehabilitation]]
[[OSU Student Sustainability Initiative]]
[[Peace Corps]]
[[Thermal curtains]]
[[Toilet designs]]
[[Vaccine refrigeration]]

Not enough content to make a stub - add content invitation notice with bot, instead:

python -regex '(?si)^' '{{topic page needed}}\n\n<!-- When the topic page has been created, delete the notice above, and these words, and leave the following template:\n\n{{Category data}}\n\nAnd delete the open and close tags of this "comment-out" section too:  -->\n\n'  -excepttext:'\{\{.*inprogress.*\}\}' -excepttext:'{{topic page needed}}'	 -summary:'Topic page needed.' -log -file:catmove -pt:02

On these pages:

[[Category:Andhra Pradesh]]
[[Category:Bamboo construction]]
[[Category:Banda Aceh]]
[[Category:Creative Commons]]
[[Category:Culture and community]]
[[Category:Earthen construction]]
[[Category:Earthen plaster]]
[[Category:Earthquake safety]]
[[Category:Materials processing]]
[[Category:Appropedia site development]]
[[Category:Reverse osmosis]]
[[Category:Food crops]]
[[Category:Health and safety]]
[[Category:Heating and cooling]]
[[Category:Humboldt County, California]]
[[Category:Policy ideas]]
[[Category:Prevent waste]]
[[Category:Santa Clara County, California]]
[[Category:Sustainable business practices]]
[[Category:Technology for temporary communities]]
[[Category:United States]]
[[Category:Water filters]]
[[Category:Water purification]]

Late 2011[edit | edit source]

Checked with Joshua:

Check with Lonny:

Just rename:

Need more info[edit | edit source]

Check with Lonny:

Unclear[edit | edit source]

These are more tricky - could do with pages, but the template doesn't match:

Also tricky:

Not sure about:

In process[edit | edit source]

revert back to version with content in:

Check bot is working:

  • edit & browse options.
  • add edit original, & edit in browser?

Add topic header template:

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