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Engineering 114 (Engr 114), Whole Earth Engineering, is a course on sustainability and local appropriate technology at Cal Poly Humboldt taught by instructor Lonny Grafman. See course content and past projects below.

General idea[edit | edit source]

Project[edit | edit source]

Any hands on, or research based, sustainability project. Perceived success or failure of the project outcome does not affect final grade. Past examples include grade school vermiculture, cob ovens, bicycle powered tools, bike trailers, promoting organic food on campus, thermal curtains, etc.

Client[edit | edit source]

Client/Mentors are selected by the instructor based upon their appropriateness and given preference in the following order (most to least): Government organization, non-profit organization, school organization, local business, local group, residents with large community exposure, residents. Clients, selected by the instructor, pitch their own projects to the class and are picked by the students. Clients understand that the more they work with the students the better their project will be, and make a minimum commitment of two meetings with their team. Some teams choose to work for themselves.

Team[edit | edit source]

Students work in teams of three to eight students, each team with their own client or none at all.

Project documentation[edit | edit source]

Each student presents and writes a one page response to their project. Other coursework: Other coursework includes very short write-ups based upon course lectures, discussion and fieldtrips, and eight hours of labor on any sustainability project.

Related projects[edit | edit source]

Past students[edit | edit source]

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