First, use your sponge until you feel that it is time to get a new sponge. Second, Dont buy a new sponge, boil your old one! Third, fill a pot with about five cups of water, bring to a boil and drop your sponge(s) into the boiling water. Set the timer for about twenty minutes so you dont forget about your sponge(s). After twenty minutes pour out the water and if the sponge(s) still have a bad odor you can repeat the boiling process until they are up to par.

This is a great way to sanitize your sponges so you can extend their lives for a surprisingly long time.

Warnings[edit | edit source]

Be careful about forgetting your sponge(s) in the boiling water! Eventually the water will boil away and the sponges will burn on the bottom of the pot.

Things You will Need[edit | edit source]

-Old, used sponges -A metal pot -Water -Enough heat to boil the water

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