Please add here[edit | edit source]

If you find a category page with content that needs to be moved, please add it below. I'll assume it's being moved to a mainspace article of the same name, unless you say otherwise.

Just move to mainspace[edit | edit source]

& use {{cat header}} in its place:

No category members:

Notes - finding more[edit | edit source]

Not now[edit | edit source]

Pages needing attention <<< --> Category:Pages needing attention - try Pages needing attention

Sp <<< --> Category:Suggested projects - try Suggested projects

Hexayurt Project <<< --> Category:Hexayurt project - try Hexayurt project

Many locations such as Guatemala... Indonesia <<< --> Category:Indonesia - try Indonesia

India <<< --> Category:India - try India

Bangladesh <<< --> Category:Bangladesh - try Bangladesh

USA <<< --> Category:USA - try USA

Australia <<< --> Category:Australia - try Australia

Guatemala <<< --> Category:Guatemala - try Guatemala

Category:Humboldt County, California Mexico <<< --> Category:Mexico - try Mexico

Turkmenistan <<< --> Category:Turkmenistan - try Turkmenistan

Australia <<< --> Category:Australia - try Australia

Bolivia <<< --> Category:Bolivia - try Bolivia

Food and drink <<< --> Category:Food and agriculture - try Food and agriculture

Energy <<< --> Category:Energy - try Energy

(then broke...)

Category:Porting helpers - try Porting helpers

Don't touch without confirmation[edit | edit source]

Should Category:Parras (at least most of the pages) be moved to Category:Parras summer program to allow for pages related to the location but not the program?

List of Projects <<< --> Category:Projects - try Projects

Parras Solar Hot Water <<< --> Category:Parras Solar Hot Water - try Parras Solar Hot Water

Parras <<< --> Category:Parras - try Parras

HSU <<< --> Category:Cal Poly Humboldt - try Cal Poly Humboldt

Parras summer program <<< --> Category:Parras - try Parras

Campus Center for Appropriate Technology <<< --> Category:CCAT - try CCAT

Parras 2006 <<< --> Category:Parras 2006 - try Parras 2006

Editing[edit | edit source]

Key steps (bot work)[edit | edit source]

Examples for changing headers, removing templates, and adding {{topic page needed}} as appropriate - see also usage notes (more up to date?) at User:Chriswaterguy/Wikignome/moving category page content with history - list #Moved, 5 Nov 2011.

rm these: '{{(?:Browsetopic|Newpageresource|Putinthiscategory)}}'

Look for '{{Lang\|\[\[:Category:'

Look for [\[:Category in mainspace pages.

Add category:foo to Foo, on all changed pages.

(Updating the category pages)[edit | edit source]

...then use list to add {{Category..., add introductory sentence.

(Done on first batch.) python -regex '(?si)(.*?)\[\[Category:(.*$)' '{{Category data}}\n\n[[Category:\2' -log -file:movedcats3 -namespace:14 -summary:'Add cat header template, pointing to the new location for the topic content. IMAGE NEEDED.' -pt:03 -excepttext:'cat header'

& e for edit.

Then make template to tag cat pages that need moving.

How to search for cat pages > x bytes?

(Updating the topic pages)[edit | edit source]

python -regex -up -text:'{{topic header||{{subst:PAGENAME}}}}\n\n' -log -file:XXXXXX -summary:'Add topic header template to pages recently moved to mainspace. IMAGE NEEDED.' -excepttext:'topic header'


python -up -text:'{{topic header||{{subst:PAGENAME}}}}\n\n' -log -file:movedtopics -summary:'Add topic header template to pages recently moved to mainspace. IMAGE NEEDED.' -except:'topic header'

offer category equal to the pagename:

python -up -text:'{{topic header||Chriswaterguy/moving category page content with history}}\n\n' -log -file:movedtopics -summary:'Add topic header template to pages recently moved to mainspace. IMAGE NEEDED.' -except:'topic header'

Fixing redirects to the category[edit | edit source]

For each (& later for portals) check & change the redirects: python -regex "(?si)#REDIRECT\s*\[\[(:?)Category:\s*Foo" "#REDIRECT [[Foo" -log -namespace:0 -xml:currentdump.xml ???????

Try: '(?si)#REDIRECT\s*\[\[(:?)Category ?:(?:pagename1|...)\s*]]' '#REDIRECT \[\[\1]]'

(then fix double redirects)

python -regex "(?si)#REDIRECT\s*\[\[Portal:Greywater treatment" "#REDIRECT [[Greywater treatment]]" -log -xml:currentdump.xml

old idea:

python -regex "(?si)#REDIRECT\s*\[\[:Category" "See also: [[Category" -log -xml:currentdump.xml

Special cases[edit | edit source]

Don't move these unless we figure out a better way to handle these specific pages:

[[Category:Appropedia policies]] [[Category:Topics]] Category:Appropedia policies


Category:User resources

Category talk page[edit | edit source]

Move corresponding category talk pages using

Cleanup[edit | edit source]

Remove category specific templates from mainspace (mostly done):

  • {{[Tt]opic page needed}}

Other follow-on changes:


need to finish cat headers, but move cats to bottom first:

python -file:movedcats3 -namespace:14

-excepttext:'nowiki' '(.*?)([[Category:.*?]])\n([^[].*?)([[Category:.*?]])' '\1\3\2\4' python -regex '(.*?)([[Category:.*?]])[\n\s]*([^[].*?)([[Category:.*?]].*$)' '\1\3\2\4' -log -xml:currentdump.xml -namespace:14 -summary:'Move categories to bottom of page.' -pt:03

See also[edit | edit source]

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