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What do we try to achieve?
Some of the writings of Demotech have been published. When made accessible together, this may help to clarify the targets and the strategy of Demotech. Best is when each paper overlaps an other one as little as possible and if the total is reduced to a minimum. All should be clearly listed with a summary.

About our publications
When the need occurs for a new paper, earlier writings are critically examined and compared to recent findings. An old version of the paper should then be updated, the new one, which covers a different topic, has to relate to it. The Demotech publications together should form a unity.

  • Technology for Ten Billion People

This article centres on the question of how a designer can contribute to reduction of poverty and to design for sustainable products and production. What are the guidelines?

  • 1986, Rope Pumps, a Review of Ten Years Experience

Demotech published on the history of her design for the rope pump on behalf of Agromisa, a periodical on Appropriate Technology. In 1986 we worked in a project, first on Bandung/Java, later on the island of Ceram.

  • Missing tools for U.N. Rights, Duties and Responsibilities
    , Article 9 part c

The document "Rights, Duties and Responsibilities for the Third Millennium" is not very realistic in its expectations of how to achieve its targets. More attention for the reality of the economy would help to support human rights.

  • Entrepeneurship after 9/11

"Entrepreneurship after 11/9" got shape as a challenge for the people of Syntens, an agency sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, dedicated to promoting innovation and the use of ICT for small and middle scale enterprises.

  • Open Source

Demotech is dedicated to OPEN SOURCE development and user rights on knowledge. Knowledge is only a description of facts that always have been there, that no one can own.

  • Appropriate for Women

What makes a technology appropriate? No Technology can be called "appropriate", unless it is Appropriate for Women. How designing a rope water pump relates to women's empowerment.

  • The basics of Demotech Design Initiatives
The difference between the approach of Demotech and what is regarded as "Appropriate Technology" regards:

    • A vision on what to adapt in Technology
    • How to get people behind a new technical concept
    • How to inform local people about new technical options
    • Western technology as an expression of its own culture
  • Tin Bicycle, the design contest motivation

In 1972 Demotech took part in a Japanese design contest. It was about bicycles, anything bicycle-like for personal transport was welcome to be admitted.

  • <Demotech; and the one man behind it all...

In the student magazine 'Eloquent' of the faculty of General Studies of the Maastrcht University an article has been published by Joel Roszmann.

  • (NL) 11/9 tussen Mahatma Gandhi en Pim Fortuyn

O2, bestede in augustus en september aandacht aan ontwikkelingsvraagstukken in verband met de grote conferentie in Johannesburg over Armoede en Duurzaamheid.

Publications by others relevant for Demotech's approach[edit | edit source]

  • Yardsticks for Sustainability

While we have many choices that can significantly reduce the impact of our daily lives and move us in the direction of long-term sustainability, today's society presents us with very few choices for living a truly sustainable life. The Living Green Expo uses a two-tiered approach to"living green:"
Criteria for "Low Impact Living and Long-term Sustainability" are described in this paper. However this paper does not mention how to reach any of the targets.

  • (NL) Een kop koffie

Long time back, September 1983, the journalist Jan Houdijk wrote this article about the approach of Demotech. Still there is no single other article written that explains so well what Demotech was heading for at that time. As far as targets are concerned, this still applies.

This article is only available in the Dutch language.

  • Sustainability now!

This article describes a newly felt urgency to do 'something' on the problem of global warning. Cause is the possibility of a sudden change in climate for the worse in North Amreca and Europe. This could be caused by the "great conveyor"that could change direction because of melting ice from polar glaciers. This issue has now reached the Pentagon.

  • Rethinking Rural Development

Many Demotech projects relate to rural development: the RopePump, the BathroomToilet-unit and many others. A generalizing view on problems and opportunities for Rural Development, needed to be able to judge the value of Demotech's design initiatives is copied from dd, October 2002. It offers information and contains many links to other relevant publications on rural development.

Demotech papers not published[edit | edit source]

In this Wiki section of the Demotech website drafts and notes can be found on issues relevant to us
The targets for these papers and notes are described at

A few of these papers have special relevance and are listed here:

  • Demotech Manifesto

  • A student's internship on hands-on involvement

  • The Mobile Training Unit

  • A new Definition of Quality

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