Flies can carry disease, as well as just being annoying.

Fly control is achieved in several ways:

  • PesticidesW are commonly used but have limited effectiveness and negative ecological and health effects.
  • Flies' instinct to fly upwards and towards light[verification needed] can be used to trap them.
    • Ventilated improved pit latrinesW or VIP, use a black pipe fitted to the pit, and a screen at the top outlet of the pipe to prevent flies from entering or escaping and spreading disease. The flies remain trapped at the top until they die and fall into the pit.
    • www.ecoflycontrol.org describes a simple fly trap operating on these principles, made from two plastic bottles.
    • Get Rid Of Flies Guide describes multiple techniques to control the growth of different types of flies.

Another important aspect is proper removal of disease carrying material (e.g. fecal matter) so that the flies do not carry it into contact with humans. See, for example, Community-led total sanitation.

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