CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from CASwiki's Spain community action article and is for news and comment in that context. Image: Jane's walk 2012 Córdoba, Author: Colaborativa dot eu
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  • Primera red ciudadana libre de Barcelona para internet de las cosas, por @carmenjane, December 28, 2015...[1]
  • Barcelona empieza a perfilar su polémica moneda local, October 21, 2015...[2]
  • Each Street Redevelopment Is a Chance for the City, September 30, 2015...[3]
  • Welcome to Jun, the town that ditched bureaucracy to run on Twitter, July 2, 2015...[4]

Jan-Jun 2015[edit | edit source]

The solidarity fridge: Spanish town's cool way to cut food waste, June 25[5]

Cycling share doubles in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the new cycling champion of Spain, May 27[6]

Spain Got 47 Percent Of Its Electricity From Renewables In March, April 2[7]

How Seville transformed itself into the cycling capital of southern Europe, January 28[8]

Repsol Abandons Oil and Gas Exploration Off Canary Islands, January 16[9]

"We Are Energy": Community Energy from Scotland to Spain, January 14[10]

2014[edit | edit source]

Canary Islands to vote on oil exploration, October 2[11]

El Hierro to become the first island in the world to be fully energy self-sufficient through combined wind and water power, May 1[12]

Victory: no more Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Laciana Valley (Spain), February 27[13]

Subsidy-free solar takes off in Spain, February 5[14]

Spain: wind power becomes main source of energy, January 15[15] "Spain is the first country in the world where wind energy was the technology that most contributed to the coverage of demand in a full year," AEE (industry association). Renewable sources of energy as a whole covered 42.4 percent of demand last year.

2013[edit | edit source]

'Cohousing': un nuevo modelo de vivienda asequible y sostenible, December 26[16]

2009[edit | edit source]

Mediterranean wildfires,,[17] July

2008[edit | edit source]

Spain cuts speed limit and introduces energy-saving measures in bid to reduce oil imports,[18] July 30

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