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Published 2010
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Singapore is a densely populated island city South-East Asia which stands out in its region for its approaches to transport and urban planning, and resulting clean air, and cool and pleasant environment.

High-rise development across the island has been used as a way to conserve the space taken up by housing, and increase the area covered by trees and plants. The effect of this on reducing the Urban Heat Island effect is very noticeable, compared to other cities in the region. In recent years flowers have been planted in many areas of public space and alongside roads.

The public transport system is extensive, efficient, and affordable and cars are discouraged through very high taxes. Thus the incentive structure is such to minimize traffic jams in spite of the wealth of the city, and result in heavily utilized public transport.

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Biodiversity[edit | edit source]

Kranji Marshes, National Parks Board

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Singapore May Have Designed the World's Best Bus Stop, Mar 1 [1]


First Car Free Sunday in the central business district to be celebrated with mass events in Singapore. Feb 28 [2]

Kranji Marshes, Singapore's largest freshwater marshland and home to endangered birds & wildlife, launched, February 2 [3]


Look at how much e-waste Singapore has saved from the landfill, September 17 [4]


Greening of Singapore,[5] January 14

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