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This page is part of an international project to use RepRap 3-D printing to make OSAT for sustainable development. Learn more.

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Materials used in RepRap 3-D printing with reference. Most common:

  • ABS
  • PLA


Experimental filament companies[edit | edit source]

  • Proto Pasta] - carbon fiber reinforced PLA, high temp PLA ( 190C-210C ), PC-ABS alloy
  • Matter Hackers- Taulman 618 Nylon, soft PLA, TPE is a flexible 3D printing material that feels and acts much like flexible rubber, HIPS, PC and all whole range of Kai Parthy’s LAY-WOOD3 and Lay brick -- on the way from Kai - Lay ceramic [14] - LAY-FELT, LAY-TEKKKS, LAY-FOMM, GEL-LAY [15]. LAY-FELT and LAY-TEKKKS are similarly felt-like materials though LAY-TEKKKS is thinner and more fibrous. LAY-FOMM and GEL-LAY are foamy and gel-like respectively.
  • AveroLabs - PEEK, carbon fiber and carbon nanotube reinforced, PPSU, PEI. In order to use such materials it’s necessary to have a printhead that can handle up to 400º C.[16]
  • 3DX Tech - MI startup has ABS-nylon [17], ABS+carbon nanotubes, 3DXMax HIPS support material. This can be used for multi-headed 3D printers to create support structures dissolvable in d-Limonene, for easy clean up
  • Esun - conductive (129 ohm/cm), luminous, wood, flexible, cleaning and alloys including PLA/PC, PLA/ABS, PLA/POM and PLA/HIPS
  • ECO Reprap - Conductive PLA, Flame Retardant PLA,PC/ABS,TPEE,PEEK and PP