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Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, grassroots social justice organization with more than 8,000 members. Though statewide, KFTC has deep roots in eastern Kentucky where coal mining remains the dominant industry. KFTC is a multi-issue organization of working-class families, with a history of working for land reform and environmental justice. W

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Wikipedia: U.S. Bicycle Route 76

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Berea Urban Farm


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Kentucky has an expansive park system which includes one national park, two National Recreation areas, two National Historic Parks, two national forests, two National Wildlife Refuges, 45 state parks, 37,696 acres (153 km2) of state forest, and 82 Wildlife Management Areas. [1]

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Wikipedia: Hiking trails in Kentucky (category)

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Curb’d, Covington. Promotes walkability, connectivity, and placemaking and to showcase the region’s design talent through quasi-temporary public installations.

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Whimsical Parklets Promote Walkability in Covington, Kentucky, Jul 4 [2]


More news of local food success in Kentucky, July 6 [3]

First official Trail Town in eastern Kentucky wants to develop economy around designation, March 25 [4]


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Wikipedia: Kentucky - Kentucky at Ballotpedia


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