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The environment of Idaho is rich in ecological diversity. Major forest ecosystems include grand fir-Douglas fir forest, cedar-hemlock-pine forest, Douglas fir forest, western ponderosa pine forest, and western spruce-fir forest. While the northern part of the state is dominated by forests, most of the southern part of the state is covered by sagebrush steppe, interspersed with islands of desert and saltbush-greasewood shrublands.

Many areas in the state are nearly pristine and include some of the largest areas in the United States without paved roads.

Significant fish resources include salmon and steelhead.[1]

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Wikipedia: Climate change in Idaho:

Concern over human induced climate change through the emission of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels and methane from agriculture and industry, are driving research efforts across the state at university, state, and federals levels to understand what the implications of climate change could be in Idaho.
In the big picture of greenhouse gas emissions, Idaho emits the least carbon dioxide per person of the United States, less than 23,000 pounds a year. Idaho forbids coal-power plants. It relies mostly on nonpolluting hydroelectric power from its rivers.

Community energy[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia: Solar power in Idaho - Wind power in Idaho has the potential to provide all of the electricity used in the U.S. state of Idaho.

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Boise Bicycle Project - Wikipedia: Bike paths in Idaho (category)

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Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

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Yellowstone National Park is the most famous of the region’s protected areas. Its intact grizzly bear habitat, rangelands for buffalo, elk, and moose, and spectacular hot springs and geysers attract millions of visitors per year. [2]

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Wikipedia: Hiking trails in Idaho (category)

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Natural Resources, information from Idaho.gov

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Energy Profile for Idaho


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