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This article focuses on information specific to United Kingdom. Please see our Health and wellbeing page for a topic overview.

Covid 19[edit | edit source]

Health and climate[edit | edit source]

Green Gym[edit | edit source]

The Conservation Volunteers' Green Gym programme aims to provide people with a way to enhance their fitness and health while taking action to improve the outdoor environment. It can be seen as enabling people to get fit who would not normally attend a conventional gym or sports centre. W

Resources[edit | edit source]

Networks[edit | edit source]

Network of Wellbeing

Walking for Health describes itself as "England’s largest network of health walks with over 360 active walking schemes, helping people across the country lead a more active lifestyle... improving the mental and physical well-being of thousands of people." / Walking for Health

Apps for sustainability[edit | edit source]

Splashpath, find your local swimming pools

Citizens data initiative[edit | edit source]

  • Right to Know, Learn about the systemic and environmental trends that could be impacting your health., enter your postcode for local results, added 10:26, 18 January 2022 (UTC)
  • Centre for Thriving Places, added 16:59, 16 March 2020 (UTC)
  • Community Wellbeing Index. Enter your post code to get an index for your community,

Research[edit | edit source]

Video for community action[edit | edit source]

Other resources[edit | edit source]

News and comment[edit | edit source]

see separate article: Health and wellbeing UK news

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local information can be found, or shared, via our many UK location pages


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