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The European Day of Sustainable Communities is a celebration of local communities taking action for an inclusive, regenerative and zero-carbon Europe, organised and spported by ECOLISE, the European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability. [1]

When[edit | edit source]

Sep 18, 2021, Sat

Diversity and impact of community-led initiatives[edit | edit source]

“Taken individually, local, citizen or community-led initiatives seem insignificant and barely register on the radar of policy makers or the general public. However, by linking initiatives and actions through the EDSC19 we can show the cumulative effect – how many, many small-scale initiatives are adding up to something incredibly big and impactful, and how this can spread outwards and upwards to bring about real transformational change.”

“It’s quite incredible what’s happening in communities across Europe and globally. There is a real concern about the future, especially among young people, as seen by the student climate strikes. But people are stepping up and channelling their energy into positive action, through protest, but also by working together to transform their communities, reducing emissions and environmental impacts, whilst reviving their local economies and building new social networks and bonds.” Eamon O’Hara, ECOLISE

The diversity and impact of such community-led initiatives is impressive: from renewable energy cooperatives to community farms and gardens, ecological housing developments, permaculture projects, car-sharing and waste reduction schemes, and much more, these initiatives demonstrate the myriad of different ways that local people are making a positive contribution, with some communities reducing their ecological impact by more than half. [2]

How to get involved[edit | edit source]

Organise an event and register it on the EDSC19 website (see below). ECOLISE invite citizens, communities and organizations who are committed to transformation in the face of ecological and climate breakdown to join in co-creating the day. [3]

Social media[edit | edit source]

#SustainableCommunity #EDSC19

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Reporting[edit | edit source]

Last year (2018) there were over 100 events in 24 countries including conferences, open days, apple harvests, tours, concerts, shared meals and many more. [4]

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