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Location Dortmund, Germany

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There are 2 events that may happen in Dortmund:

VIRTUAL FOREST CONFLICT SITES as part of TWINS INTER-COOL exhibition[edit | edit source]

This will look at forest conflicts

Synopsis of the project: Synopsis Virtual Forest Conflict Sites

Twins Inter-Cool's web-site: http://www.inter-cool.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=67&Itemid=86


Was an arts event that inspired us to begin working on a forest conflict related project. we had a blog, machinima, play and made solidarity jam as a part of the project. We used Second Life and built a virtual Nordic forestscape there:


We explored forest conflicts in Nordic countries

Things to do: Task Page

Preparations for the Promoting Changes exhibition: Promoting Changes

Discussion about the use of Second Life in the project: Second Life

Random Ideas and notes related to the project: Ideas

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