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Washington DC

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Initiatives by topic[edit]

Climate action[edit]

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Communities online[edit]

Greater Greater Washington, devoted to improving the vitality of Washington, DC and the walkable cities and neighborhoods in the Washington metropolitan area

Community energy[edit]

Solar power in Washington, D.C. has been growing in recent years due to new technological improvements and a variety of regulatory actions and financial incentives, especially a 30% tax credit, which has been extended until the end of 2016. [1]

Cycling activism[edit]

There is a network of 45 miles (72 km) dedicated bicycle lanes around Washington, D.C. and there are 1,300 bicycle racks installed on sidewalks all over the city. An estimated 3.3% of the District's residents biked to work in 2010, and by 2008 the city had the sixth-highest percentage of bike commuters in the United States. [2]

Capital Bikeshare

Food activism[edit]

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City Blossoms - Common Good City Farm


Maps: shareable-mapjam-in-dc

Sustainable transport activism[edit]

Wikipedia: Car sharing in Washington DC, DC Streetcar, Rail trails in Washington, D.C. (category)

Towards sustainable economies[edit]

Coop DC, Building a cooperative network in DC

News and comment[edit]


This Co-op Gives Formerly Incarcerated People Jobs and Community, Feb 1 [3]


Common Good City Farm Brings D.C. Community Together, January 6 [4]


Washington, D.C. Unveils an Ambitious New Sustainability Plan, February 21 [5]



Capital Bikeshare Tracker

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Wikipedia: Washington DC

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