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Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia (D.C.), also known as just Washington, is the capital city of the United States. It is located on the east bank of the Potomac River which forms its southwestern and southern border with the U.S. state of Virginia, and shares a land border with the U.S. state of Maryland on its remaining sides. The city was named for George Washington, the first president of the United States and a Founding Father, and the federal district is named after Columbia, a female personification of the nation. As the seat of the U.S. federal government and several international organizations, the city is an important world political capital. It is one of the most visited cities in the U.S., seeing over 20 million visitors in 2016.

Climate action[edit | edit source]

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Communities online[edit | edit source]

Greater Greater Washington, devoted to improving the vitality of Washington, DC and the walkable cities and neighborhoods in the Washington metropolitan area

Community energy[edit | edit source]

Solar power in Washington, D.C. has been growing in recent years due to new technological improvements and a variety of regulatory actions and financial incentives, especially a 30% tax credit, which unfortunately begins phasing out in 2020 and is reduced to 10% for commercial installations and nothing for residential by 2022. [1] With moderate sun hours per day, and relatively modest utility rates, Washington DC falls on the higher end of years to pay back for solar PV systems, but the District does have a PACE financing program for commercial solar easing the burden with strong lending. [2]

Cycling activism[edit | edit source]

There is a network of 45 miles (72 km) dedicated bicycle lanes around Washington, D.C. and there are 1,300 bicycle racks installed on sidewalks all over the city. An estimated 3.3% of the District's residents biked to work in 2010, and by 2008 the city had the sixth-highest percentage of bike commuters in the United States. [3]

Capital Bikeshare

Food activism[edit | edit source]

City Blossoms - Common Good City Farm

Sharing[edit | edit source]

Maps: shareable-mapjam-in-dc

Sustainable transport activism[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia: Car sharing in Washington DC, DC Streetcar, Rail trails in Washington, D.C. (category)

Towards sustainable economies[edit | edit source]

Coop DC, Building a cooperative network in DC

Resources[edit | edit source]

Maps[edit | edit source]

Capital Bikeshare Tracker

News and comment[edit | edit source]


This Co-op Gives Formerly Incarcerated People Jobs and Community, Feb 1 [4]


Common Good City Farm Brings D.C. Community Together, January 6 [5]


Washington, D.C. Unveils an Ambitious New Sustainability Plan, February 21 [6]


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