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Thailand community action[edit | edit source]

Food activism[edit | edit source]

Urban agriculture in Bangkok, Thailand

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With social media and academics, Thai villagers save ancestral forest. Sep 29 [1]


Reclaiming mangroves for shrimp production, Sep 22 [2]

One Woman’s Solar Leadership (& Challenges) In Thailand, Aug 23 [3]


Thailand Solar Power To Surpass All Southeast Asia, july 15 [4]


Worried about the looming water shortage in many parts of Thailand, writer Veera Prateepchaikul calls for the drafting and implementation of a comprehensive water policy in the country, [5] February 13


2009 SEED Award winners: "Carbon bank and village development". This innovative initiative of national NGOs and an academic institution aims to encourage, support and enhance community-based indigenous forestry through carbon credit trading to enable successful climate change adaptation and socioeconomic development for local communities and biodiversity conservation. [6] May 12


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