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The Panya Project, a permaculture farm originally called the "Baan Thai Project" was proposed in 2002 by Christian Shearer.[1] Shearer, the current director of the project, chose Thailand as the location of the project because he had experience in the area and his parents owned a piece of land in the country.

Located in Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand, the sustainable living project operates by implementing permaculture and hosts workshops for visitors and volunteers in both Thai and English. Natural building is implemented at the location and the usage of adobe is prevalent in design. A list of courses is available on the Panya Project website, course include: Introduction to Permaculture, Permaculture Design and Permaculture teacher training courses.

Shearer is also the leader designer and an educator at Terra-Genesis, an International Permaculture Consulting Firm.

Permaculture[edit | edit source]

  • Seeks to minimize environmental damage[2]
  • No element is looked at without attention to the overall outcome.
  • The attention to the details and interactions of each element creates a sustainable environment

Current Courses[edit | edit source]

  • Permaculture Introduction

For those interested in learning about Permaculture or that wish to learn to increase their knowledge.

The course teaches about garden design

Permaculture community

  • Permaculture Teach Training Course

A five day course that will help those interested in teaching Permaculture to others how to do so affectively and efficiently.

Will be hosted in Korat, on a newly finished Permaculture design farm.[3]

  • Design courses in both the U.S. and Thailand
  • Natural building and Design

Visiting & Volunteering[edit | edit source]


Two dorm buildings with twelve rooms are available at the Panya Project but guests and visitors do not have to stick to dorm living. A tent is welcome as well, weather permitting. While a stay with Panya must be a week, visitors are welcome to drop by and experience Panya. Satellite wifi is also available for visitors who bring their laptops but Panya asks that visitors that use this contribute to the fund as it is one of the most expensive things at the farm. At the Panya Project, Thai vegetarian food is always on the menu all diets are welcome.

Projects on the farm[edit | edit source]

"Humanure" dry composting toilet system

The Humanure system works similar to an outhouse.[4] At the Panya Project waste is covered with rice husks to reduce the smell. Later, the humanure is composted and then used on the garden to promote growth. Benefits of the Humanure system:

  • No energy
  • No water
  • No smell!
  • Humanure helps prevent soil degradation because it is retains all of its nutrients, such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus, in the composting process.

Future[edit | edit source]

The Panya Project has a sister site called "Rak Tamachad" near Korat, Thailand. Designed by the Terra genesis group, Rah Tamachad will soon be another permaculture farm that welcomes volunteers and visitors.

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