This page is a photographic glossary of all of the 3D printed parts for the Growbot. All files can be found on our OSF repository. All parts were printed on a Prusa MK3s with black Atomic Filament PETg, infill was 20% and 0.2mm layer height.

Part Description Count
9-Tooth Gear
Drive gear located on motor shaft. Inserted with a 3mm hex nut and bolt on side mount to tighten unit to the shaft. 2
72-Tooth Gear
Driven Gear located on axle assembly. Attached to wheel via 3mm hex nuts and bolts, compressed together within axle assembly. 4
Wheel located on the end of the axle assembly. Joins to the 72-tooth gear and is base for tire to mount onto. 4
NinjaFlex Tire with custom treads. Mounts onto wheel by sliding over ridges and held in place via friction. 4
Bearing Hub
Bearing Carrier for the entire axle assembly and is bolted directly into the aluminium extrusion via t-nuts. 4
Motor Mount
Motor mount located on either side of GrowBot. Base for encoder mounts and support torque driven through the chassis. 2
Encoder Mount
Encoder Mounts on the end of both motors. Mount directly to the the motor mounts via 3mm bolts and heat inserted nuts. 2
E-Stop Mount
E-Stop mount for easy access to disable robot movement in case of an emergency. 1
Water Sensor Rack
Rack and Pinion carrier for water sensor located on the outside of the Growbot. 1
Standoff for Motor Mounts
Standoffs located on rear section of motor mounts to aid in connection to chassis. 4
Battery Mount
Battery carrier that sits inside GrowBot chassis, bolts up directly to bottom plate. 1
Top Cap
Top cover of soil sensor that aids in keeping water-tight seal 1
Bottom Cap
Bottom cover of soil sensor that aids in keeping water-tight seal 1
PETG Bearing located in sensor rack cover 1
Motor Mount
Mount for soil sensor motor 1
Pinion Gear
Drive gear for soil sensor asssmebly 1
Sensor Rack
Rack of assmebly that holds soil sensor and articulates down from Growbot 1
Sensor Rack Cover
Cover for sensor rack components 1
Sensor Rack Track
Track for rack articulation 1
Inductor sensor holder (right)
Inductor holder for the right sensor 1
Inductor sensor holder (left)
Inductor holder for the leftsensor 1
Sensor wire holder
Holds the wire of the sensor 2
Sensor holder mount
Mount to connect sensor wire holder to the Growbot 2
Relay Mount
Clip on relay holder located inside chassis of the Growbot 1
Measure Block
Measuring block utilized to position motors on the Growbot frame 1
Parametric Standoff
Enclosure for terminal header strip for power and i2c lines 2
2.5mm Standoff
M2.5 standoff utilized for all the sensor boards 9
Chain tensioner located in the middle of the Growbot chassis 2
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