Materials and Tools[edit | edit source]

Description Count
10 mm Axle (87.5mm Long( 4
Bearing Carrier 4
10 mm Shaft Collar 8
72-Tooth Gear 4
Wheel 4
Tires 4
35mm 3mm Hex Bolts 20
3mm hex nuts 20
Bearings 8
3 mm Allen Wrench/T-handle

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to assembling the axles, ensure that the 10mm axle is cut to proper size and edges are deburred.
  • The bearings will require significant force to insert them into the carriers, be cautious during this process.
  • Prior to full assembly, ensure all pieces that slide onto the 10 mm shaft go on smoothly. This will help when it comes time to place the entire assembly together.

Description[edit | edit source]

The axle assembly on GrowBot features a design that is used throughout all 4 corners on the robot. This allows for parts to be shared within each assembly, maintaining simplicity within the design. The axle assembly is tied into the frame using hex bolts through the hub, which act as the bearing carriers. This design was chosen to offer a simple setup for beginners looking to get into the GrowBot program. Designing the wheel, bearing carrier, and 72-tooth gear out of PETG allow for the user to modify these items to fit their needs. The PTU (NinjaFlex) tire gives the robot shock support since it is a solid axle design. The ability to change the tread on the tire itself will give users flexibility in deciding what treat would fit best for their setting.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

  1. . Take the bearings and press-fit them to either side of the bearing carrier.
  2. . After both bearings have been fitted, slide the axle shaft into the assembly. Allow about 5-6 mm to protrude out the back of the housing
  3. . Once the axle is inserted, place a 10mm collar on the shorter end to hold the axle from slipping out of the carrier.
  4. . Take the 72-tooth gear and insert the 5 listed bolts in each slot. Ensure that the hex heads are sitting flush within the gear itself.
  5. . Once the bolts are fitted, slide the gear onto the axle-carrier assembly. Ensure that the gear is sitting as far as it can go in on the shaft, as it has a built in spacer to prevent contact between the gear and the carrier.
  6. . Lay the listed wheel flat on a sturdy surface to prepare for the tire install.
  7. . Take the tire and begin to press it over the ridges on the wheel. If too much resistance is present, apply a light layer of lubricant around the wheel ridges to help the tire slide on.
  8. . Once the tire is mounted to the wheel, slide the wheel onto the axle while lining it up with the bolts coming from the 72-tooth gear.
  9. . After the parts are lined up, take the 3mm nuts and tighten them down to unite the 72-tooth gear with the wheel.
  10. . Tie together the assembly by placing a 10mm collar at the face of the wheel, preventing the parts from sliding off the front of the shaft.
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