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Sustainability initiatives[edit]

Initiatives by topic[edit]

Cycling activism[edit]

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition - Macon Bike Share - Macon Connects - Wikipedia: Bike paths in Georgia (U.S. state) (category)

Food activism[edit]

Patchwork City Farms, introduces farming to urban areas.

Open spaces[edit]

Wikipedia: Protected areas of Georgia (U.S. state)

Social inclusion[edit]

Peachtree+ Pine Works, Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless

Sustainable transport activism[edit]

Wikipedia: Hiking trails in Georgia (U.S. state) (category)

Trees, woodland and forest[edit]

Atlanta has a reputation as the "city in a forest" due to its abundance of trees, unique among major cities. The city's main street is named after a tree, and beyond the Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead business districts, the skyline gives way to a dense canopy of woods that spreads into the suburbs. The nickname is factually accurate, as the city's tree coverage percentage is at 36%, the highest out of all major American cities, and above the national average of 27%. [1]

Trees Atlanta

News and comment[edit]


Pop-Up Bike Network Leads to Permanent Change, Jul 10 [2]


Giant City Cycling Pop-Up Offers Bike Lane Lessons, Dec 15 [3]

Atlanta wants to cover a major highway with a High Line-style garden, Sep 23 [4]


Homeless people in Atlanta plant organic garden, feed shelter residents, July 28 [5]


Urban eco-repair in the Deep South, December 6 [6]



October 23 Atlanta Streets Alive

September 25 Atlanta Streets Alive

June 12 Atlanta Streets Alive

April 17 Atlanta Streets Alive


Citizens data initiative[edit]

Energy Profile for Georgia

Interwiki links[edit]

Wikipedia: Georgia (U.S. state)


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