The Global Surgical Training Challenge (GSTC) is an ongoing initiative that is funded by the Intuitive Foundation and run in partnership with Nesta Challenges, MIT Solve,the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and Appropedia.

The Challenge aims to make simulation-based surgical training accessible through low-cost, open-source training modules. These open-source modules help surgical practitioners to learn and assess new skills to improve the health of their communities.

The Challenge aims to create a paradigm shift in how surgical practitioners learn and assess surgical techniques. The validated modules will be free to download and inexpensive to reproduce in a variety of global settings.

Each surgical simulation model is accompanied by a self-assessment framework, allowing surgical practitioners to test their newly acquired skills and all modules will be free to access right here on Appropedia.

While the Challenge has supported the development of several training modules, anyone in the world can create and share additional modules on Appropedia. Check out the our creator's guide [LINK] to learn more.

Explore the Modules[edit | edit source]

Teams of surgeons, educators and technologists have created modules to help surgical practitioners learn and assess specific skills. The following modules received funding and support to prototype their modules.

ALL-SAFE, AmoSmile, CrashSavers Trauma, and Tibial Fracture Fixation have been recognized by an expert judging panel as Finalist Award winners. After a year of refining and validating their training modules, four teams have been selected as Finalist Award winners. Each team will receive up to US$500,000 to further develop and validate their surgical training models. Additional modules participated in the Discovery Award phase of the Challenge.

Do you have a training module that could benefit surgical practitioners? Check out the our creator's guide [LINK] for instructions on how to share a new training modules on Appropedia.

Create Your Own Module[edit | edit source]

Want to create your own training module to help surgical practitioners learn and assess new skills?

Review the creator's guide [LINK] for step-by-step instructions on:

  • Creating and editing content on Appropedia
  • Designing an effective training module
  • Getting technical support
  • Adding special features to a module

For a more extensive walk through setting up an account and making your own banner, work through the GSTC/Getting Started exercises. However, if you already have an account and want to dive right in, you can make a GSTC page using with any of these templates. Simply type the name you want for the page in the Name field and click "Create". It will make you a new GSTC page with the basic formatting filled in. You can always modify the formatting later if you want to change the structure of the page, including adding your own banner across the top. You will be able to link to this new page using the name.

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Check the useful resources to help you create and document your simulation modules.

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