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Getting Started!

We are excited to support your team create simulation-based open-source surgical training modules that will be low-cost and will allow surgical practitioners to test their new skills.

In the following steps, you will find some basic information regarding the skills and tools you will need as you document your modules.

Creating your module[edit | edit source]

The first and foremost step to publish your training is to create your module. We will take you through all the steps required to get started on creating your modules.

For better accessibility while navigating these steps, we strongly suggest leaving this home page open, and navigating to the links using either ctrl+click for a new tab or shift+click for a new window.

Step 1: Create an Appropedia account[edit | edit source]

Create a new Appropedia account following the steps listed on Help:Create account.
Click for an example of how to categorize a page using the visual editor.

Step 2: Create your User Page[edit | edit source]

Go to Special:MyPage and start your user page, adding relevant professional and professional information about yourself and your team.

Step 3: Create a learning module with a syllabus page and add a team banner[edit | edit source]

Create the first learning module for your Team
Use Template:Notice to create the official banner of the team and add to your page.

Great job! You are done creating your module. Now you can start publishing your surgical training content on appropedia. You can refer to the GSTC Toolbox for additional information on content creation. We also have some video demonstrations that show you exactly what to do to.

Video demonstrations[edit | edit source]

See these videos for demonstrations of these actions on Appropedia.

How to create a training module page

Learn how to create a training module (or course page) in Appropedia.

Language: English (EN)
How to create a medical skill

Learn how to create a medical skill page in Appropedia.

Language: English (EN)
How to create a knowledge page

Learn how to create a medical knowledge page in Appropedia.

Language: English (EN)
How to create a quiz using the source editor.

See the documentation to create quizzes at Wikiversity:Help:Quiz.

Language: English (EN)
How to edit a Notice banner

Learn how to edit a banner for your team.

Language: English (EN)
How to test your editing skills on a no-risk space.

If you want to test something out, try testing your editing skills (while logged in) at Special:MyPage/sandbox.

Language: English (EN)
How to add/edit video annotations

Tutorial on how to add/edit video annotations in Appropedia.

Language: English (EN)
How to create a user page

Tutorial on how to create a user page

Language: English (EN)

Advanced features[edit | edit source]

Page history[edit | edit source]

We encourage you to be bold and try editing pages without any fear of making mistakes. All pages have a History section that lists all changes made to a page since it was created. As an example, you can see this page's history. A history page can help you:

  • By showing you who was involved in the page creation process.
  • To make sure no content is lost while you or multiple people are editing.
  • To revert any changes done by error.

We hope that you can collaborate with your team and edit away in a way that allows your team to collaborate efficiently.

Ask for support[edit | edit source]

We want your experience creating your surgical modules to be as rewarding and straightforward as possible. That includes any question or issue that may arise during content creation. Whenever you need assistance, we're here to help:

Submit a ticket[edit | edit source]

If you encounter any technical difficulty while navigating Appropedia, submitting a ticket through the GSTC dedicated Talk Page is a great way to let us know what's happening so we can sort any issue as soon as possible.

Make sure to state your problem clearly on the subject line and describe what's happening in a detailed and organized manner. It's always helpful to add the solutions you've tried so far, any messages/warnings that may have appeared on your screen and other relevant information.

Join the discussion[edit | edit source]

There's a fair chance your peers have the same questions as you, and a bigger chance we can figure it out as a community. Feel free to discuss your suggestions, inquiries and anything related to our toolbox on its dedicated Talk page. The Appropedia team constantly checks the Talk page to make sure everything is up and running.

Send us an email[edit | edit source]

We understand some of your inquiries may be urgent or require further communication. In case you need to contact us directly, you can always reach us at We're always happy to hear from you and will reply as soon as possible.